Strange but true – Kangaroo flatus is methane free.

Einstein is amused transparency

About 14% of methane emissions in Australia are caused by cow and sheep farts.  True story.  At least that is the estimate put forward by the Queensland government.  Let’s face it, they would know after all what better authority on hot air could there be?

Apparently in places where the agricultural base is larger like New Zealand that percentage can be as high as 50%.  Methane is a highly effective greenhouse gas which is said to contribute significantly to global warming.  If those emissions could be cut or eliminated imagine the impact on global warming, carbon trading and the causes which could receive the attention of all those protesters instead.

Australian scientists are leading the way in an effort to eliminate livestock related methane emissions.  How? By making the digestive systems of cows and sheep behave more like that of the Kangaroo.  Studies have found that the Kangaroo produces no methane when it passes wind.  That’s right Kangaroo cupcakes are methane free.  Not only are they methane free but they operate up to 15% more efficiently when it comes to processing the energy out of the food they eat.  Wow!  Who knew that Skippy would provide such a fascinating arena for study as that of fart composition.  Here I was thinking that Kangaroos were only really useful for luring Japanese tourists to our shores, the basis for really bad but groundbreaking children’s television, providing a cheap source of pet meat and those quirky little coin purses made from boy Kangaroo bits.

It turns out that the gut of the Kangaroo is home to a bacterium which either eliminates the methane from the Kangaroo’s gut or processes the byproducts of digestion in such a way as to be methane free.  All that and an efficiency boost to boot.  Boffins are now following Kangaroos around on golf courses all over Australia with pooper scoopers trying to figure out how they can effectively introduce these bacteria into the gut of farm animals in a bid to cut methane emissions.

Another world leading breakthrough for Australia.


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