William Shatner & crimes against humanity.

InterrobangWilliam Shatner has had a long and chequered career.  Of course he is most famous for his role as Captain James T Kirk in the original Star Trek series and also Captain/Admiral James T Kirk in the Movie franchise.

He is also remembered for his role as Police Officer T J Hooker in the television of the same name.

Mercifully he is less well known for his efforts as a recording artist. I say mercifully but not mercifully enough as it turns out he made a few absolutely awful cover versions of well known and loved songs including the Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and the Byrds’ Mr Tambourine Man.

Here they are for your viewing…um…pleasure.  Listen if you dare. My advice don’t. You’ve been warned.

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  • On This Day…1931 « Category Zero

    […] He also played TJ Hooker and more recently Danny Crane in Boston Legal.  He has also directed, and performed musically although to call his performances singing is a stretch as we have said before here on Category Zero his musical offerings are more like crimes against humanity. […]


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