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Edge has been called in many quarters the smartest website on the planet and considering that its stated intention is to ask the greatest and most complex minds of our time to ask each other the questions that they ask themselves that’s got to be close to ‘mission accomplished‘.

For over a decade now ‘Edge‘ has been asking its annual question. The respondents to those questions are among the leading lights in their fields which include a variety of branches of the sciences, psychology, philosophy, economics and political theory.  The 2012 question is:

What is your favourite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation?

That is one hell of a question if you sit and think about it.  And think about it is precisely what the 192 respondents to this year’s question have done.  Some of the answers are truly beautiful to explore, others are unexpected, all provide fascinating insight into the workings of the cleverest minds of our day.

If you have some little time to spare you could do much worse than to invest that little time in a perusal of Edge but don’t go there in the expectation of being entertained or provided with the sort of mindless experience some discussion or social networking sites proivide.  Edge will stimulate and challenge you and reward close attention to the ideas expounded within its pages.

It is a rare treat among the detritus and content free zone that is so much of the internet and world wide web.

Edge isn’t just anywhere on the web it really is somewhere on the web.

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