Seriously Cool! – Cold Chisel – Bow River

We are not amusedBow River is a creek running into the Ord River in the Kimberley Region of the North of Western Australia. Hot, humid diamond mining country the region has been immortalised in song by iconic Australian band Cold Chisel in the song of the same name.

The song features lyrics referring to Bow River as the place to which the hard working character from whose point of view the song is written intends to escape his life of hard toil and subservience to ‘the man‘.

Typical of many Cold Chisel songs this work extolls the Australian values of hard work, hard play and getting out from under the yoke of ‘the man‘ and getting on the road and back to your roots.

Listen now to the wind babe

Listen now to the rain

Feel that water lickin’ at my feet again

I don’t wanna see this town no more

Wastin’ my days on a factory floor

First thing you know I’ll be back in Bow River again

Historically the managers of Bow River Station, located nearby have held this song a tribute to their station. The song has made the river and surrounding area famous.

The song first appeared on Cold Chisel’s 1981 album Circus Animals and has subsequently been individually recorded by Cold Chisel former band members Ian Moss and Jimmy Barnes.

The song communicates through an iconic Australian band the authentic Australian existential struggle where freedom to be is the ultimate prize.

This is a seriously cool song by a seriously cool band and speaks to us all because on some level we are all looking to get back to our own Bow River again!

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