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ZGeek is an Australian based internet discussion forum with an emphasis on Sci Fi movies, Music, Photography, Technology, Gaming, all things geeky and porn, tons of porn.

Boasting over 22,000 registered members it has been loved adn reviled pretty much in equal measure by those who have come across it.  Most people who don’t like what ZGeek delivers stay well clear and those to whom it appeals can’t stay away.

Regular posters on ZGeek engage in banter and discussions about the things that Geeks find interesting which fall into the broad categories mentioned previously.

ZGeekers are ready to engage any unsuspecting individual who tries to hawk goods and/or services on the site, make outlandish statements, assert the superiority of Apple products, speak out in support of SOPA or any other plans to censor the internet, or generally make a fool of themselves in what is commonly termed on the internet as a flame war, a good roasting or troll hunting.

Combined with a tendency to take stands against individuals and/or groups who offend the sensibilities the site espouses this attitude of the regular members has, historically, cost the content host a significant amount of difficulty in defending several notable lawsuits including for discrimination and for defamation.

Historically these disputes have resolved in favour of the site owner or have otherwise been discontinued.

It appears, however, that ZGeek is presently engaged in defending defamation claims by another disgruntled individual or individuals who have been disaffected by what has been said on the site as the homepage bears a notice that ZGeek is trying to raise funding for defending defamation proceedings.  The site’s present plight has been the subject of discussion on Giszmodo and on Reddit.

The ZGeek webmaster is approaching the defence of the claims on the basis that he is protecting freedom of speech and expression on the internet and that the action against the site represents an attack on those freedoms.  Category Zero wishes ZGeek luck in defending whatever claims are thrown at it.

If you mean to visit the site be aware that profanity and NSFW content abound.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t visit the site.  On the contrary I consider this site to be one of the best and most amusing places on the web.  With sensibilities which give rise to such bylines as ‘putting the ‘M’ back in stupid‘ and ‘Come for the porn and stay for the abuse‘ the site is a place of robust discussion and filled with colourful personalities.  Just make sure you leave your sensitivities at the door.

One of the funniest things about the site is that for a long time its relationship forum was indexed on page one of the results for a search on the term ‘relationship advice‘ by Google.  The result was that unsuspecting individuals would bring their heartbreak and angst to a forum which had a standard approach to resolving relationship difficulties involving bodily functions and footwear.  The result made for highly amusing reading. is 12 years old today.  Happy Birthday ZGeek.

ZGeek is not just anywhere on the web it really is somewhere on the web.  Somewhere funny, somewhere irreverent, somewhere interesting and somewhere you would not let your children or people of a sensitive disposition near.

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