So Much Fail! Pentti Arajarvi – Royally busted taking a peek!

So Much Fail!

Pentti Arajarvi is the husband of the Finnish president and has the official title of ‘First Gentleman’ of Finland.  On 15 February 2012 the Finnish President, First Lady Tarja Halonen (incidentally the first female president of Finland) and the First Gentleman attended a State banquet hosted by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

He was honoured by being seated next to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark – his hostess’ daughter-in-law and wife to the heir to the Danish throne.

During the course of proceedings something caught the First Gentleman’s eye.  It happened to be tucked inside Crown Princess Mary’s dress.  It is the Crown Princess’ bosom.

Well who can blame him Crown Princess Mary is a lovely Australian born commoner raised to royal status by marriage to the handsome and sporty heir to the Danish throne and he is married to the Finnish President – poor bugger.

Tarja Halonen - President of Finland

Anyway perhaps he was being too obvious in his enjoyment of the view he was taking in or perhaps his gaze lingered longer than he first intended – whatever the reason he was not sufficiently discreet in his admiration of the opportunistic view of the Crown Princess’ ‘assets‘ and was royally busted perving on the lovely Mary.

Now this would not be the first time a man’s appreciation of a beautiful cleavage has caused an international incident but lets hope Crown Prince Friedrich doesn’t go all Viking on the Fins as a result of the indiscretion of the Finnish First Gentleman.

Also to Finland’s First Gentleman – What were you thinking? This girl is an Australian.  She knows when she’s being perved on by a dirty old man. It’s like a sixth sense Australian women have. Lift your game man!

Pentti Arajarvi – So Much Fail!

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