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On This Day…1921

On This Day... 1 March 1921

On this day in 1921 the Australian Cricket team completed the first ever clean sweep by Australia of an Ashes Test series winning 5-0, a feat not repeated for 86 years.

The 1920/21 Ashes Tour of Australia by the English Cricket team was the first after the Great War.  Australia fielded a strong young team captained by charismatic all rounder Warwick Armstrong.

Australia won the series 5-0 with appocryphal accounts of Armstrong resting his three strike bowlers and reading the newspaper during the final session of play in the fifth test.  According to legend he allowed the field to set itself and his part time bowlers to rotate at will whilst reading the newspaper which had blown across the ground.  When asked what he was doing he is said to have replied ‘I want to see who we’re playing.

The stuff of legend. 

Dad Joke of the day

Q – Why is pea soup a more impressive meal than roast beef?
A – Anyone can roast beef.

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