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The Perfect Indicator Chili

If ever there was a chili which was perfect for use as a heat indicator graphic it would be this one.


garduated green to red cloured chilli

The perfect colouration for a heat indicator chili

That’s a Wrap (and what a wrap it is!)

As I write this post my lips are still burning from the seasoning on the Spicy Hot Chicken Tenders by Steggles in my lunch wrap.  My wife introduced me to them a few months ago along with Mission Wraps.  Man these things are good! The chicken tenders are nice and spicy without being too aggressive and the wraps are just brilliant!  I have tried several varieties of both tenders and wraps and for my money nothing beats the Steggles Spicy Hot Tenders on a Mission Rye Wrap (although the original wrap, the sourdough and the whole grain do more than simply hold their own).

Now it has never been my intention to write about my lunch in such detail but this is the meal that has helped me lose a whole heap of weight so I thought it worth the effort.   If I could eat these things morning, noon and night I would (and some days I have although I’m told I should aim for variety in my diet). Continue reading

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