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Kate Jones – Deceptive is not a commendable quality in a politician

So Much Fail!

Letting politicians loose with cameras and smartphones in the middle of an election campaign is never a good idea.

After all you wouldn’t let a child play with a shotgun would you?  Basically, on the political scene that is what Kate Jones, member for Ashgrove, has been allowed to do – shoot herself in the foot because her minders weren’t paying close enough attention.

Also our aspiring and sitting politicians appear to need to take a crash course in ethics and basic honesty as concepts such as truth and honesty seem to have bypassed their consciousness yet again.

That’s an awful lot of scorn to pour on poor old Kate Jones you may think.  Consider this –

  • Kate Jones and her entourage are door knocking within the Ashgrove electorate trying to drum up support for the March 24 Queensland State Election;
  • They (Kate and her entourage) knock on the door of a nicely presented home in Ashgrove to find that no one is home;
  • Instead of making their way off the property and on to the next home they move to the verandah of the unoccupied residence where Kate Jones MP is snapped shaking the hand of a male person;
  • Kate Jones MP then uploads the photograph to micro blogging service Twitter accompanied with a tweet about how she’s meeting with people in her electorate and discussing issues important to them;

The representation of the politician shaking the constituent’s hand on the verandah of the nicely presented Ashgrove residence is of course a lie.  Not only that, it is a lie told for the purposes of self promotion and political gain.  The conduct is knowingly and cynically designed to convey an image that is false and its publication is unethical. Continue reading

So Much Fail! – German Swingers Parenting Fail!

So Much Fail!

You’re a 15 year old German girl surfing the internet at home when suddenly you spot your parents on  a television channel’s website. Cool! Right? Not if the program they are featuring in is a documentary about swinging and has Mum caged, wearing nothing but suspenders and stockings and Dad wearing a Batman outfit brandishing a sex toy.

This is the sort of thing psychotherapists holiday homes are bought with. Unfortunately for the 15 year old girl in question it is precisely what happened to her while sitting at home in Munich when she happened across the footage of her parents on TV channel RTL’s website.

Her parents had voluntarily and consensually agreed to participate in the filming of the ‘lifestyle documentary‘ filmed at the Swinger’s Club attended by them and understood that it was for broadcast. They were also assured by the producers of the documentary that their faces would be pixelated once the documentary was finished so that they would not be recognised.  Unfortunately for these broadminded folk the documentary aired without pixelation. Continue reading

So Much Fail! Pentti Arajarvi – Royally busted taking a peek!

So Much Fail!

Pentti Arajarvi is the husband of the Finnish president and has the official title of ‘First Gentleman’ of Finland.  On 15 February 2012 the Finnish President, First Lady Tarja Halonen (incidentally the first female president of Finland) and the First Gentleman attended a State banquet hosted by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

He was honoured by being seated next to Crown Princess Mary of Denmark – his hostess’ daughter-in-law and wife to the heir to the Danish throne.

During the course of proceedings something caught the First Gentleman’s eye.  It happened to be tucked inside Crown Princess Mary’s dress.  It is the Crown Princess’ bosom. Continue reading

So Much Fail! Robert Coates – Britain’s most successful comedian

So Much Fail!

Born in Antigua in the West Indies Robert Coates was the son of a wealthy sugar planter. When he inherited the estate in 1807, he moved to Bath in the UK to pursue an acting career. His lack of any skill in acting was obvious to his contemporaries but notwithstanding a lack of any ability in this area he eventually drew the attention of the manager of the Theatre Royal Bath and finally began to appear in plays in 1809.

He later appeared in a production Romeo and Juliet in the role of Romeo.  When performing the role Coates appeared in a costume of his own design. The costume had a flowing cloak with sequins, red pantaloons, a large cravat and a plumed hat – not to mention dozens of diamonds – which was hardly suitable for the part. Unsurprisingly, the audience collapsed in gales of laughter.  The reaction of his audiences, however, did not dissuade him from the view that he was ‘…the best actor in the business‘ – or at least that is what he claimed.

He routinely forgot his lines and invented new scenes and dialogue on the spot. He loved dramatic death scenes and would repeat them – or any other scenes to which he happened to take a fancy three to four times over – mid performance.

Coates claimed that he was driven by a desire to ‘improve the classics‘.  Continue reading

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