Ground Zero

Welcome to Category Zero.

Dad jokes, geeky gadgets, food, drink, movies, music and much much more are here to be found.  Basically this is a glimpse of what it’s like to live inside my head except it’s roomier and not crammed full of bodily fluids, brain tissue, metal plates and electrodes.

The humour is corny because I like it that way and some of the stuff I post here is likely to be a little off beat because I can’t carry a tune even if it is gift wrapped.  So if you like to groan rather than to laugh out loud and find random stuff interesting then you’re the kind of visitor we’re looking for.

The rest of you are welcome too.

If you find any of the opinions posted here to be offensive you really need to get out more but really should get out of here and delete this place from your browser history and make sure you don’t bookmark this site.  Alternatively you could go to your computer’s start menu and press ‘Start’, press the ‘Run’ icon, type in ‘cmd’ and hit enter then when the prompt appears type in ‘format C:’ and hit enter followed by ‘y’ and the enter key.  Then just sit back and wait while your system does its thing and purges any reference to us whatsoever which may lurk somewhere on your computer.

All postings on this site are the opinion of the poster and are not endorsed by reason of the post being published, remaining published or being unresponded to.

Posts which are genuinely offensive will be removed when I get around to it unless they are particularly funny in which case they will probably be removed to a separate page.

All original content on this site (of which there is precious little I hasten to add) is copyrighted so hands off! Oh, OK as long as you attribute it to ‘Category Zero’ we shouldn’t have too many issues provided you don’t make a fortune from exploiting it.  If you do happen to make a fortune from exploiting my copyrighted material I will probably ask you to share.  In fact if you look at the copyright symbol © closely you will find it is a letter ‘c’ surrounded by a circle or as I like to refer to it ‘A letter ‘c‘ which stands for ‘category‘ and a circle which is otherwise known as ‘a zero‘.’  That’s right folks the copyright symbol actually refers to this site.  True story.

Anyway, stay, enjoy, join the conversation.

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