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So Much Fail! – German Swingers Parenting Fail!

So Much Fail!

You’re a 15 year old German girl surfing the internet at home when suddenly you spot your parents on  a television channel’s website. Cool! Right? Not if the program they are featuring in is a documentary about swinging and has Mum caged, wearing nothing but suspenders and stockings and Dad wearing a Batman outfit brandishing a sex toy.

This is the sort of thing psychotherapists holiday homes are bought with. Unfortunately for the 15 year old girl in question it is precisely what happened to her while sitting at home in Munich when she happened across the footage of her parents on TV channel RTL’s website.

Her parents had voluntarily and consensually agreed to participate in the filming of the ‘lifestyle documentary‘ filmed at the Swinger’s Club attended by them and understood that it was for broadcast. They were also assured by the producers of the documentary that their faces would be pixelated once the documentary was finished so that they would not be recognised.  Unfortunately for these broadminded folk the documentary aired without pixelation. Continue reading

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