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Somewhere on the Web – ZGeek

Somewhere on the web

Site:- ZGeek

URL:- http://www.zgeek.com

ZGeek is an Australian based internet discussion forum with an emphasis on Sci Fi movies, Music, Photography, Technology, Gaming, all things geeky and porn, tons of porn.

Boasting over 22,000 registered members it has been loved adn reviled pretty much in equal measure by those who have come across it.  Most people who don’t like what ZGeek delivers stay well clear and those to whom it appeals can’t stay away.

Regular posters on ZGeek engage in banter and discussions about the things that Geeks find interesting which fall into the broad categories mentioned previously. Continue reading

Somewhere on the Web – Gizmodo

Somewhere on the web

Site: Gizmodo- Au

URL: http://www.gizmodo.com.au

Gizmodo is an awesome place to go if you feel the need to get your geek on.  It’s Australian branch – Gizmodo – Au – is the obvious choice for the latest news and discussion on tech, gadgets, geeky interests including gaming and entertainment for the tech minded.

I have spent many a happy hour perusing the offerings on this very polished and informative site.

One of the best features of Gizmodo is the head to head comparisons they run on all sorts of things (mostly gadgets and tech but also cars and other gizmological stuff). That and some of the discussions that go on are a reason to bookmark this site and to visit regularly.  Better yet subscribe to their news feed and get your geek fix dropping in via your favourite news aggregator throughout the day. Continue reading

Somewhere on the Web – Edge

Somewhere on the webSite: –  Edge

URL: –  http://edge.org

Edge has been called in many quarters the smartest website on the planet and considering that its stated intention is to ask the greatest and most complex minds of our time to ask each other the questions that they ask themselves that’s got to be close to ‘mission accomplished‘.

For over a decade now ‘Edge‘ has been asking its annual question. The respondents to those questions are among the leading lights in their fields which include a variety of branches of the sciences, psychology, philosophy, economics and political theory.  The 2012 question is:

What is your favourite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation?

Continue reading

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