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As time goes by true brilliance becomes ever more obvious

Casablanca is arguably the single greatest film in movie history (there’s a great way to start an argument) and one which should feature prominently if not first in anyone’s list of must see movies, if only in order to understand the origins of many common sayings and references in modern culture.

Whether or not you think it the greatest movie ever is really beside the point it has left a permanent legacy on modern culture with its classic movie lines and modegreens, gentle humour, masterfully crafted screenplay and the cast; Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Peter Lorre, Paul Henreid and Claude Rains make this movie the true masterpiece that it is.  This movie is a classic and mandatory viewing.

Paul Henreid who plays Victor Lazlo in Casablanca was born on this day 10 January in 1908.

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