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UQ Pitch Drop Experiment – Like watching paint dry only slower and more interesting

Einstein is amused transparency

To many the topic of science, the wonder of scientific discovery and the marveling at demonstrations of the oddities of science is fascinating to others it is like pulling teeth or watching paint dry.  I fall squarely in the first category of people.  I love science and the little quirks that lay in its long forgotten and dust-covered recesses.  My wife on the other hand falls into the latter category.  Most of the time she can take or leave it but occasionally we get into pulling teeth territory and she just can’t be around it for fear that one or more of her internal organs will leap up and strangle her brain in a last desperate attempt to save humanity.

Whilst I haven’t raised the University of Queensland Pitch Drop Experiment with her I am pretty sure that it would elicit a response of the teeth pulling, brain throttling variety were I to do so.  A discussion I will save for a later time perhaps such as when there is a quilting fair or needlepoint exhibition she wants me to attend.  You need to pick your battles carefully you know – but I digress.  Also, I exaggerate. Often.

Anyway, back to the University of Queensland Pitch Drop Experiment.  Very simply it goes like this: Continue reading

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