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Classic Tweets – Queensland Police on One Direction Concert in Brisbane

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Don’t be worried that traffic is heading in One Direction to the Suncorp Stadium. Be worried if you’ve agreed to go along…#BestDadEver

Tweeted by – @QPSmedia on 11 February 2015

Classic Tweets – Queensland Police threaten “gift” of Nickelback CD to drivers ignoring advice not to drive flooded roads

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We reserve the right to ‘gift’ our unwanted Nickelback CD to the 1st person who ignores our advice not to drive through flooded roads today.”

Tweeted by – @QPSmedia on 23 January 2015

Classic Tweets – @QPSmedia – Police with a sense of humour. Rock On \m/

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“Traffic hazard -Truck has lost its load of large rocks on Blunder Rd, Oxley #whatablunder #bnetraffic #rockon \m/”

Tweeted by – @QPSmedia on 8 March 2012

Classic Tweets – @QPSmedia -Police have a sense of humour #youwillnotwindonteventry

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“What The? In the middle of the road? Large concrete block on Nudgee Rd, Nudgee. Drive carefully #youwillnotwindonteventry #bnetraffic”

Tweeted by – @QPSmedia on 2 March 2012

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