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On This Day…1671

On This Day... 7 March 1671

On this day in 1671 Robert Roy MacGregor is born.  He will later go on to become a folk hero in his native Scotland.

Often referred to as the Scottish Robin Hood Rob Roy was an 18th Century outlaw who stole from the rich English and Scotts nobility and gave to the poor.

He is also remembered as a Jacobite supporter who was wounded seriously at the Battle of Glen Shiel in 1719 during the Jacobite effort to restore the Stuart Monarchy.

Divers find survivors aboard Costa Concordia

Kim Says this is Funny!

Rescue divers searching the stricken cruise ship, Costa Concordia, have found two survivors within the wreckage of the stricken cruise liner.

The two men from Glasgow, Scotland, were found alive and well in one of the bars aboard the ship.

However, when approached by the rescue divers they told their rescuers to “F*ck Off!” and leave them alone as they had pre-paid for their drinks for the entire voyage.

Too soon?

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