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Applied Awesome – Labyrinth

applied awesome transThere are a few movies which I watched as a kid growing up which I want to watch with my own kids.  One of those movies is Jim Henson’s 1986 ‘Labyrinth’.

At its core the movie is about the transition between childhood and responsibility and the leaving of childish things and just how comforting those childish things are.

It is also the movie that launched the career of the then 15 year old Jennifer Connelly and featured the first use of relaistic looking CGI.  It flopped at the Box Office making only about half what it cost to make and since then has attracted a cult following on DVD and VHS (did I mention it was released in 1986).

Full of puppets, music, dancing, goblins, humour and David Bowie the movie is a fabulous blend of fantasy and tension.
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Classic Tweets – @shakeandbake4 – Beyonce of the Rings

Classic Tweets Medal

“If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it. Unless you’re a hobbit. That shit goes in a volcano if you’re a hobbit. #Fact”

Tweeted by @shakeandbake4 on 6 March 2012

Applied Awesome – Motivated Creativity and Political Satire in the United States

Applied Awesome!Politics is a funny game; nowhere more so than in the United States of America.  The brand of politics practiced in the United States is particularly entertaining and not a little bit disturbing being, as it is, an example of diametrically opposed philosophical interests playing out their mutual enmity in a highly theatrical manner taking the political process from the realm of social theatre to high farce.

As a prelude to the political race for appointment to public office there is a warm up race to see who the starters in the main race will be.  That race is carried out in public with all the campaigning that goes with a political campaign with all the trimmings and by trimmings I mean back-biting, finger-pointing, mud-slinging and name-calling.  Fun for the whole family really.

As you would expect with a fully fledged political campaign there is a full, forthright and impassioned exchange of views about core values, beliefs and personal policy views and agendas.  Now that gets particularly entertaining when you look at the Republican Party Nomination Race.  Basically it is a competition to best each other as to ‘how right-wing and conservative are you?Continue reading

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