Dad Jokes

I love ‘Dad Jokes’.  You know, those question and answer style jokes that kids cut their joke telling teeth on when they get to school most of which originate with their fathers, uncles, brothers and the authors of jokes found in Christmas Crackers (not the fancy high end ones mind you, the ones you get from the $2 shop).  Those jokes that are both clean and that make even the teller grimace at the telling of them and which make kids crack up in hysterics.  Only kids, mind you, and me.

A friend of mine once told me that when a man becomes a father for the first time he should receive a book which contains a compendious selection of dad jokes and Santa’s email address.  Whilst I have temporarily misplaced Santa’s email address (perhaps why my kids made it on to the ‘nice’ list this year) I am all for a compendious collection of dad jokes.  Here are but a few…

Q:  What’s brown and sticky?

A:  A stick.

Q:  What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?

A:  A carrot.

Q:  How do you make a handkerchief dance?

A:  Put a little boogie in it.

Q:  When is a door not a door?

A:  When it is open just a little and then it’s ajar (a jar).

Q:  Why does no-one play cards on the African plains?

A: Too many cheaters (cheetahs).

Q:  What do you call an angry gorilla?

A:  Anything he wants you to.

Q:  Why are elephants all wrinkly?

A:  Have you ever tried ironing an elephant?

Please add your own.  The best (or worst) will be added to this page.

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