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Rant – Princess Bride Remake – Why mess with perfection?

We are not amused

So I found a story on a website I occasionally look to for news and views,  which, frankly, disturbed me.  The story relates to the recently announced remake of one of the most spectacularly awesome movies of all time namely, the Princess Bride.

The story in question goes a little bit like this: Continue reading

Rant – It’s January and there’s Easter eggs in the shops WTF!?

We are not amused

So I trotted down to my local supermarket just after New Years to stock up on some bits and pieces (mainly the bits as pieces I have plenty of) only to be confronted by an assortment of Hot Cross Buns, Easter Eggs and chocolate fauna in preparation for the celebration of Easter IN APRIL!!!

Now I understand that retailers are stretched as much as the next business in this economic climate but seriously folks do you have to insult our intelligence by bombarding us with Easter fare on January 3?  Surely there are other commercial opportunities between New Years Day and 8 April (Easter Sunday) which could attract your attention.  For example there’s Australia Day on 26 January and St Patrick’s Day on 17 March not to mention the overblown hype and sentiment that can be poured all over Valentine’s Day on 14 February.  Never mind that 2012 is a leap year and 29 February is the day on which women traditionally propose to the men in their lives.  Surely this is a rich vein of celebratory hoopla upon which you can base your retail themes.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a Hot Cross Bun as much as the next guy especially if the next guy happens to love them and biting the ears of a chocolate Bilby or Bunny or Bunyip is very satisfying to me as is demolishing the odd chocolate egg BUT NOT IN JANUARY!!!

To my way of thinking this just goes to show the whole overcommercialisation of traditional holidays.  Shopping is becoming one long holiday themed ordeal and I for one have had it up to my bunny ears.  How much more can a Koala bear?

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