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Strange but true – Alaska is a geographically unique place

Einstein is amused transparencyIf you, like me, love trivia and enjoy the odd good natured bet for beers, or the like, down at the pub then here is an interesting little factoid which could get you, if not drunk, at least merry.

Ask your mate the following question:

What are the northern most, southern most, western most and eastern most states of the United States of America?

Your mate will probably answer with something like Alaska is most Northerly, Hawaii is most Southerly (although he might nominate New Mexico, Florida or Texas), Hawaii again as most Westerly (although he may nominate California, Oregon or Washington State) and New York or New England to be the most Easterly. These all seem logical choices. The correct answer is very surprising. Continue reading

Dad Joke of the day

Q – What did one snowman say to the other snowman?
A – I smell carrots.

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